Apartments for rent in Fortaleza since 1996
"Dragao do Mar"
Fortaleza, Praia do Iracema
Aussenansicht / Outside View

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Aussicht Balkon
Balkon-Aussicht / Veranda-View
Swimming Pool
Kueche 1
Kueche / Kitchen (Typ 1)
Schlaf 4
Kueche / Kitchen (Typ 2)

Aussicht Flur
Flur-Aussicht / Corridor-View
Fitness Raum
Fitness-Room / Fitness-Raum
Bad 1
Bad 1 / Bathroom 1 (Typ-Variante 1)
Bad 2
Bad 2 / Bathroom 2 (Typ-Variante 1)

Schlaf 4
Schlafzimmer 1 / Bedroom 1
(Typ 1)
Bad 3
Schlafzimmer 2 / Bedroom 2
(Typ 1)
Bad 3
Bad 1 / Bathroom 1 (Typ-Variante 2)
Bad 4
Bad 2 / Bathroom 2 (Typ-Variante 2)
Deckenspiegel / Mirror in bedroom

Schlaf 4
Schlafzimmer / Bedroom  (other View)
Schlaf 4
Wohnzimmer / Living-Room (Typ 1)
Schlaf 4
Wohnzimmer / Living-Room (Typ 1)
Schlafzimmer 1 /
Bedroom 1 (Typ 2)
Schlafzimmer 2
Schlafzimmer 2 / Bedroom 2 (Typ 2)
Wohnzimmer  / Living-Room (Typ 2)

Lagekarte / Location
Advice: Equipment can be different to the pictures, because we offer different apartments in this building
The best location for all night-active guests. Directly in front of the "Praia de Iracema". Only 200 meters to the whole night life and to nearly all discos at Iracema. On the west-side in around 300 meter distance is the (same named) cultural center "Dragao do Mar". There you find a lot of restaurants - some with live-music. In the neighbourhood there are the best insider discos, mostly frequented by people living in Fortaleza. On the northside of the house - also only about 200 meter distance, is the center of touristic night-life Fortalezas. Here you find nearly all tourist-discos, tourist-bars and restaurants. Despite the absolutely central situation the apartments are not at a loud main-traffic-street. They are located in a calmer side street and only around 300 meters from the beach-side. The apartments are at the floors 10. and 22. of the house. In direct proximity of the building (all max. 5 minutes by feet) you find many restaurants (also with international cooking), a large shopping street and many small bars as well as internet cafes.  If you rent an apt. here you will save a lot of money for taxi because you can reach nearly all locations comfortably by feet. The apt. offers a beautyful view to the Fortaleza skyline and a good sea-view - also from the veranda inside the apartment.
Apartments with approx. 60 m² in a 23-floor top apartment-house with 3 elevators. 24-hours security with generous reception, security guards and many monitoring cameras for internal security. Here you find the most luxury apartments in our entire offer.  Generally said: All the equipment in these apartments is three times more expensive than the usually equipment that you can find in other common rent apartments. For example the air-conditions, the beds, the  table-ware, the showers and all other furnishings - everything is at a most luxury brazilian standard. And most of the equipment is so expensive that you will not find comparable in any other rent apartments. Because ot this the daily rent price is also a little bit higher than in other apartments. You can also find some other apartments for rent in "Dragao do Mar" - but there are existing only 3 of these very special, luxury apartments  and you can rent them exclusively here at this internet-site. The apartments are fully equipped  (gas-stove with electric ignition, refrigerator, fine table-ware, bedware, towels, and so on). In addition each bedroom offers a television and one more (bigger) TV is installed in the living room - all with cable-connection and remote control (all usual german TV channels and more can be received in real time). High power and very silent, special air conditions with 11000 watt power and remote-control in each bedroom. There is an electronic, hidden safe in one bedroom. With this safe you can select your own private number-combination. This is the best possible security for your cash and important documents. Stereo with CD-changer in the living room. In addition suspended ceilings with integrated, dimmable halogen lights as well as additional indirect lights. There is a computer-desk with computer in each apartment and in one apt. the computer has a W-LAN internet-connection. Anyway you can find a lot of internet-cafes nearby. Each apartment is also equipped with a washing-machine, a coffee-machine and an internal phone. The apartments offer 2 bedrooms, both with large, luxury mirrors at the wall and ceiling over the bed. The walls are partially painted and structured with a special painting that gives the rooms a comfortably, warm atmosphere. Both bedrooms have double beds with special, very comfortable, spring core mattresses. Living room and american-type kitchen are combined and the living-room offers a veranda to the east-side. 2 bathrooms with special high-power warm water shower in each and with lot of mirros and shelves. On the top-floor of the building you find a swimming pool with separate child basin, a fitness-studio and 2 saunas for public use.  All apartmens have a car parking place in the basement of the building and every client with a car will get a remote-control for the garage doors.

As in all other apartments the electric-energy is always charged additional at our "Dragao do Mar" apartments. But only in these apartments there are a lot  of high-power devices installed and abusing can result in high (unnecessarily) energy costs. Because of this in front of each apt. there is an electric-counter installed. It will be read off in your presence at your moving-in and moving-out. The current consumption is then accounted additional to the rent.  In case of normally usage of the air-condition, showers, lightings and so on, you can expect energy costs of about 2.- Euro per day and person.
Pick-up and transfer from airport to the apartment is possible (extra-charge 20.- US-Dollar). Free car-parking is offered inside the building (park-deck and underground-garage). Taking third persons to the apartments is possible if this persons are 18 years or older and having a valid ID-Card. The shortest rent-time is 14 days. Exceptionally we accept rent-times of 7 days minimum -
in this cases the normal season prices are valid at all season-times and maybe an additional charge.
Low-season price, (april, may, june, sept., october): 75.- Euro / day  (with 1 person)  or  79.- / day (with 2 persons)
Normal price, (november - march /  july,  august): 82.- Euro / day  (with 1 person)  or  89.- / day (with 2 persons)
Extra charge to normal price  (valid 20.12. -  20.01.): 12.- Euro / day
Monthly price - only valid in low-season:    - not available -
Extra charge for car  / mobile-phone, daily (infos see below !): Car: Ask !   Mobile-phone/SIM-Card included free of charge
Payment: 50 % at reservation - total payment after moving-in (cash)
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